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Step into a welcoming sanctuary where vibrant personality meets humble charm.


Every detail speaks of understated elegance, meticulously blending functionality with aesthetics. From subway tiles adorned with brass inlays to terrazzo-patterned walls and flooring, each element reflects purpose and personality.


Leather wardrobe door straps and concealed pivot doors along the unit's corridor add refined sophistication, seamlessly enhancing visual appeal and practical convenience. Customized wardrobe and dresser compartments at ergonomic heights offer practical storage solutions, complemented by an in-built LED mirror panel that swivels and tucks away effortlessly when not in use.


While every corner of the home is enveloped in warm lighting, giving it that inviting ambience, it's topped off with a flair of sophisticated indulgence, courtesy of a kitchen-bar island adorned with the latest colour series from Dekton by Cosentino - redefining luxury countertops with sleek design and high durability. 


Photography: @Mesahausstudio

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