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Olive Creek Studio

Olive trees & creeks symbolise life, longevity & self-regeneration which is the core of interior design; bringing 'self' into a space & having it be that solid foundation to build more roots in one's life.

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Welcome to Olive Creek Studio, where we specialize in curating spaces reflecting your unique style with an uncompromising blend of aesthetics and functionality.

​Acknowledging the importance of collaboration and choice, our studio's approach caters to clientele who either have their own trusted renovation contractors or are open to utilizing our constant main contractor team, meticulously selected through a prior rigorous outsourcing process.

Our commitment to precision and excellence is evident in our detailed technical drawings, ensuring that your vision is translated into reality with utmost accuracy. To further enhance your experience, we invite you to embark on showroom visits with us, where material curation and selection come to life. This hands-on approach allows you to touch, feel, and envision the materials that will shape your living spaces, making the design process a tangible and exciting experience.

Join us on a journey where innovation meets expertise, and let your spaces tell stories that resonate with your unique identity. 

As an interior design consultant with editorial design features in "Lookbox Living", Michelle's extensive design and turn-key co-ordination experience with interior residential renovations has equipped her with the technical knowledge and foresight for in-depth client consultations.


User-centric and detail-oriented, Michelle creates experiential and multi-faceted designs with her versatility across design themes and dynamic balance of botanical influences, earthen tones and bold textures.


With timeless designs and bespoke interiors blending function and aesthetics, Michelle builds trust and rapport with her clients, ensuring they have as smooth a renovation journey as possible with meticulously detailed technical drawings and creative solutions should site conditions vary.

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Michelle Tang

Founder, Creative Director

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