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Introducing breath and visual harmony in this playfully designed, modern coastal home! 

Warm, dynamic and functional, the unifying theme of social inclusivity is underscored through a 360-immersive cat playground woven within and across the foyer and living spaces.

The slated cat bridge allows for slivers of light and shadow to permeate through, capturing movement and interactivity between the homeowners and their 3 cats as the latter transition between the top shelves along the kitchen and living walls.

Meticulously curated down to the customised cushioned bar stools, Aquaclean line tufted bench upholstery and fiery bohemian rugs, the apartment is further embellished with a strong surrounding mix of rustic-hued mediums. 

From the likes of earthen wall finishes and pastel laminates to fluted glass, moroccan tiles, brass rails, trowel stone screed, sisal, rattan and concave bar panels, this cohesive plethora of textures present a chic, kaleidoscopic interior palette, echoing and enhancing visual depth and  liveliness within this 4-bedroom apartment.


3D Rendering : @3PIC.Studio

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