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Complementing the original textures and tonality of this resale condominium, we instinctually curated our tiles and material selection, wallpaper and paints to embody similar warm undertones and fluid vein patterns, adding subtle dimension and character to the newly designed interior without overshadowing the unit's pre-existing beauty.

Alongside a "neutral, bright and timeless" design brief, we incorporated a mix of clear and tinted mirrors, rattan weave textures and brass accents. Traces of these elements are reflected in the bespoke carpentry storage and display shelves along the entryway, throughout the new linear open concept kitchen and bathroom overhauls; the reflective surfaces visually echoing the fresh expanse of natural light streaming into the unit.

In the bathroom, slivers of Terrazzo draw the eye, pulling focus against a backdrop of contemporary marbled greys, undercabinet lights and warm, sleek toned woods. 


Photorealistic Renders: @h3drenders

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