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Lush botanicals, ceramic styling and an artistic wall display of photographs captured through the eyes of our stylish, camera-wise homeowners.

As you step into this mixed modern home loaded with natural light, you'll soon discover pockets of soft industrial influences furnished with nuances of white and a mixed medium of neutrals.

From a smooth, urban raw finished open kitchen counter to bespoke black, mild steel powder-coated collapsible frames, this resale condominium boasts a minimalist loft style approach to it's versatile yet integrated social spaces.

Alongside tactile inclusions of mirrors, glass and accent lighting, we've incorporated live-edged, mid-century toned wood consoles, creamy pastel toned fabrics and a mid gray slate of newly tiled ceramic floors as a unifying springboard for subtle splashes of character.


Photographer :

Pottery & Ceramics : @padmehumstudio

Florals : @theflorte


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