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Introducing breath and visual harmony in this playfully designed, Modern Coastal home! 

Warm, dynamic and functional, the unifying theme of social inclusivity is underscored through a 360-immersive cat playground woven within and across the foyer and living spaces.

Step into our client's  Contemporary Streamlined abode. Styled with an artistic play on functional lighting and the re-birth of the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

11 _ Michelle Tang _ 41 Brighthill Dr _ Large Res.jpg
White Nuances, mid-century toned woods and hints of industrial and botanical influences

White nuances, mid-century toned woods, hints of industrial and botanical influences; presenting a Mixed Modern interior featuring an immersive blend of form and function.

A full embodiment of the term "Rustic Contemporary", this home presents textures and bespoke carpentry details galore for our client family of 6. 

Yard (8).jpg
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